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What is Business Coaching?

First, what is business? Business can be described as the management of people to organize and maintain productivity toward accomplishing particular creative and productive goals. Usually it's to provide goods and services and often to generate a profit. Whew! Stick with me here.

Business coaching is the coaching of individuals in how to interact with your business entity, act within your business entity and interact with individuals (internal and external) associated with your business entity. Your business is the partnership amongst you, your employees, your suppliers and your customers.

In the Corporate Coach's Portfolio* model, business coaching works in three areas:

The areas of your business where a coach can help.
  • Results - what a business creates
  • Systems - where people and processes meet to generate results
  • People - the life and soul of the business

Where a consultant is engaged to provide specific solutions and is responsible for measurable results, the coach's role is to help the client define the challenges and create solutions. The client is responsible for the measurable results.

A coach asks:

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How do you get it?

"I approached Ron for coaching during a tiresome and seemingly interminable job search. He helped me realize that I was a "cat on a hot tin roof," spending too much energy approaching the wrong people and rejecting opportunities before they were ever offered. An able detective, he helped me to clarify my wants, focus on my strengths, and offered a realistic and effective method to find and land the ideal career.

I am very appreciative of the way that Ron has expanded the way I view my world. He offered me a fresh view of seeing my job search as an interesting journey, not a punishment. He worked with me side-by-side, and was never pedantic.

Ron's extensive business experience was a boon for me when a suitable job interview finally came my way. Unfortunately the job was in a sector that I wasn't familiar with, so he helped me to understand the nature of the company's work and how my skills would dovetail with their needs. Consequently I felt confident going into the meeting and ultimately accepting the position.

I gained valuable skills - not to mention a wonderful job - thanks to Ron's coaching and I happily recommend CoreFocus to anyone looking for sensible guidance while going through that often insufferable thing called change."

Cindy M. - Calgary

What are the benefits?
* Corporate Coach's Portfolio © copyright 2003 by School of Coaching and Wayne Jones, Perfect World Coaching™, Inc.

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