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What is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is a safe, structured, confidential, collaborative and creative relationship between a client (you) and a coach (me). It’s designed to explore where you are now, discover where you want to go and plan a way for you to get there.

Together we’ll create a focused and compelling plan of action so that you will attain your personal goals faster and easier than you thought possible.

What’s the Process?

We’ll meet over the phone (or at Oso Negro if you live near Nelson BC) and we’ll have a comprehensive conversation about what you have in mind and what you'd like to accomplish.

Sometime during this conversation, we’ll decide whether or not we “click”. This is really important. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable giving me your trust. When we come to a mutual agreement, you’ll hire me and we’ll set up a series of meetings (usually over the phone). Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on your ideas/goals/plans/questions.

In our coaching sessions, I’ll start by asking questions, lots of questions. This will help both of us to get clear about what’s most important to you. This process is all about you, not me. It’s your agenda not mine; I have no preconceived notions. I want to ensure that you are learning and moving forward.

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"Ron’s guidance continues to be fundamental as I work to maintain clarity, focus, and order in the midst of a highly demanding schedule.

Specifically, Ron supports me in articulating core personal/professional goals, as well as developing key questions and insightful strategies specific to those goals.

His approach to coaching effectively balances listening, clear observations, and pertinent suggestions. This responsive pacing and the level of challenge he provides are both satisfying and stimulating. I particularly enjoy Ron’s lively sense of humour, which offers a degree of lightness and approachability that sustains my willingness to keep trying. I believe it is this combination of clear focus, insight, balance, and wit that directly contribute to the success of Ron’s clients and set him apart as a gifted coach."

Marion Little, MA - Dispute Resolution
Executive Director, Threshold Housing Society, Victoria BC

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