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  Ron Little 2008  

Hi, I’m Ron Little. I live in a little slice of heaven; Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. My purpose in life is to bring joy into other’s lives. How? By partnering with them to explore where they are now, define where they would like to go and shape how to get there.

I have a BA in Economics and English and have been a Chartered Accountant (like a CPA in the U.S.) since 1977. I started in the oil and gas industry toiling in corporate tax and ended up as the Treasurer of an international drilling company. Fortunately I was accompanied by people who were good with details because I was stronger on creative ideas and concepts.

I left the world of big corporations to be an entrepreneur. With four other partners, I learned the world of business plans and venture capital. Later, I became a management consultant working with large and small companies helping technical experts think outside their boxes – no small feat.

When “coaching” discovered me, a huge door opened. My collected life and business experiences help me to empathize with most people and situations I encounter. I help clients get focused on what’s at their core, at what’s really important. The results make them happy and that makes me happy.



You are looking over Nelson toward Kokanee Peak. Off to the right, in 30km. you come to the main body of Kootenay Lake.

Nelson BC
Kootenay Lake
To the right is a view looking south down Kootenay Lake from the car ferry.

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